DashSkin Molded Dash Cover


Molded of durable and UV-resistant ABS plastic so that it fits over your vehicle’s existing dashboard perfectly, this dash cover by DashSkin protects your vehicle against UV rays while concealing any existing cracks and holes. It’s molded to blend right with the existing dashboard, provided you choose the right color and install it as instructed, offering a seamless and smooth look. Speaking of colors, there are three available: Agate which is a very dark grey, almost black, Mist Gray which is a medium grey, and Camel which is a warm light brown.

The cover is pretty easy to install as it comes with a silicone adhesive and a thorough instruction guide. No special tools are required – all you have to do is mount it over your existing dash configuration properly an set it in place with the adhesive. The product is warranted for life against breakdown and UV damage, so once you set it, you’re covered for life.