DBPower 10.5” Portable DVD Player


Being able to swivel your screen multiple ways is a necessity when you’re traveling with kids in the car, and this model is portable, you can fasten it to the back of a headrest, or you can creatively hang it from the car ceiling.

You get a 4-hour battery charge for lengthy rides. This is perfect if you’re commuting to or from school and/or work every day and you need a pick-up, put-down kind of DVD player. Shock resistance means that you won’t encounter issues if you’re on a gravel road or hit a pothole, (Sony Walkman flashbacks, anyone?)

You can charge this in the car or when you bring it inside with the included items and enjoy multiple inputs, such as CD and DVD, and file formats such as mp3 and avi. Listen to your tunes with superior sound quality over your traditional car radio, or pull off the road during rush hour and watch a DVD while you get a bite to eat.