Deanna Sclar – Auto Repair For Dummies


Deanna Sclar is an auto-repair expert, and with over 400,000 copies of this automotive technician book sold, it is certain that it offers great content. With the growing popularity of automobile repairs by one’s self, Auto Repair For Dummies fills up the space of inquiry that most people require. This book has adequately been arranged in a convenient manner to appeal to the reader and their need for research. What’s more, it intuitively puts essential information on repairs at a suitable spot right after the corresponding information on each automotive technology section. This is done so that the reader can access the process of repairs immediately after finding out the overview of a section, and this arrangement also aids in future searches when in need of immediate information.

Auto Repair For Dummies covers a wide range of vehicles, including hybrid cars and other vehicles with varying fueling types. This book also gives intuitive knowledge and tips on maintenance and repairs that help to save costs and trips to the mechanic and also gives the extent to which professional help is required to avoid problems.