Deka Battery for Harley Davidson


While the Deka Sports Power ETX-30L might not be the OEM for the Harley Davidson motorcycle battery, their commitment to giving the very best to the biking enthusiast, means they share the same values as the average Harley owner. So, its performance is top-notch, and its spill-proof and leak-proof design make it a product of the highest quality. But while it is powerful, its AGM technology also makes it safe for riders, and it gets bonus points for environmental safety. To help the buyer with easy installation, each new Deka battery comes with new bolts included in every package. It also provides brass spacers which you would need if you’re performing a side mount cable installation.

It also has a rather impressive CCA rating sitting at 400. It features a molded top with side connection terminals and, as said before, could be easily regarded as one of the best replacement batteries to the Harley batteries. So pick up one of these at a friendly price and know that you’ve gotten a powerful battery that is bang for your buck.