DEKOPRO Welding Helmet


Eye protection is the game and you best believe that this helmet is well versed in it. The stellar features dedicated to the all-around running of this device are evidence that it has no choice but to function well. With the DEKOPRO Welding Helmet is in a league of its own when it comes to eye protection. It is fitted with auto-darkening filters that switch from light to dark in 1/25000 seconds. Thanks to this handy feature, in the case that an electric failure occurs, the user is safe from ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

The auto-darkening feature also makes it possible for welders to adapt easily to all sorts of working environments. It does this by controlling the shade of the lens and all of them emanate from ambient light sources. In addition to this, it comes with sensitivity and delay settings which add to the helmet’s suitability for a wide range of environments and jobs. It also comes with a number of sensitivity adjustments from ambient light sources, all you have to do is pick one. Then to crown it all, it is powered by solar panel technology which enables it to run for up to 5000 hours.