DeWALT Backpack Tool Bag


From one instantly recognizable brand, we move straight onto another with our second product on the list, this time from DeWALT. However, where Stanley has brought a design of tool bag to the market that stood out for its simplicity, DeWALT have gone the other way. This backpack style of bag is packed full of features – lots and lots of features.

First of all, there is the sheer diversity in storage space that is available here. 48 internal plus 9 external pockets and pouches add up to a total of 57 individual storage areas – an incredible amount of segregated space. You should, therefore, find space to tuck away just about any tool or attachment in your collection.

Construction is nice and rugged with padded handles or adjustable shoulder straps providing two ways to transport the kit. The base has durable pad feet to prevent abrasion and prolong product lifespan. As if that wasn’t enough, DeWALT have topped off the design by including a built in LED light that runs on an internally mounted AAA battery power pack.

They have literally thought of everything in this feature packed bag – though be aware that with a price a little under 100 bucks you are certainly paying premium money for a premium product here.