DEWALT Brushless SDS Rotary Hammer Drill


Manufactured by a top innovator in the industry, this DEWALT 20v Max Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill delivers on more than one level. It is an excellent piece of German engineering that delivers up to 2.1 joules of energy upon impact, which provides cordless power without cord. This is due to the DEWALT brushless motor. This design is exceptionally easy to use as it has a very proportionate power-to-weight ratio and as a result, a lot more can be achieved in a short period of time.

It is also on the affordable side compared to its counterparts. Perhaps, the only downside to this product is that the battery and charger come separately. Otherwise, most users only have good things to say about this cordless hammer drill. It is definitely one of the best options when it comes to hammer drills.

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