DeWALT Heavy Duty Heat Gun


Simplicity should not be underrated, especially when it comes to simple tools like heat guns. There is certainly a place for super high end, premium tools, and there is a place for heat guns that come with multi-tool attachments and a range of different nozzle designs. There are a number of products like that we will get to later in this guide but we are starting out with one of the simpler tools.

There are two big advantages to simplicity. One is that this tool is easy to use. It has enough features to be a very useful tool, without bogging you down in 19 temperature range selections. You get two temperatures here, one will be fine for lighter work like heating/working plastics like cables or vinyl wraps. The other is 1500-watt power level that kicks out enough heat to soften lighter metals and even light charcoal.

The accompanying nozzle kit is also simple but useful. You get two deflector nozzles, one reflector nozzle and an air reduction nozzle. That is enough to take on the majority of jobs without taking up a huge amounts of storage space in the your garage.

Oh, the other big advantage to simplicity is that it can be a real money saver. This heat gun is coming with a price tag well under 30 bucks, making it one of the best value for money models to make this list.