DEWALT Square Drive Air Ratchet


This is another highly affordable impact tool that has made it on to our best air ratchet wrench list owing to its capability and strength. Dewalt, the manufacturers, have cleverly designed the impact ratchet out of aluminum so that users will find it lightweight making it easy to use for longer, more complicated DIY projects. It comes with a closed head, as well as a quarter of an inch air inlet. This helps it offer up to 65 ft-lbs of torque. The result is that even the most difficult to remove nuts and bolts can be loosened for removal. Another element that helps achieve this is the 160 rpm that this cordless ratchet tool can reach.

To further its abilities and allow users to employ the use of this cordless ratchet for longer is the ergonomic handle. Dewalt have purposely designed it with a rubber cushion grip to better the comfort of the tool, but have cleverly included a touch control trigger. This means that the user can control and choose the amount of power that is required for each individual part of their DIY project. It makes use straightforward and fuss-free.