Dicor Rubber RV Roof Cleaner


If you’re after a ‘does what it says on the can’ RV rubber roof cleaner that is good at its job, then check out this hard worker from Dicor.  Available in a one-gallon container, you get a decent amount of cleaner for your money. Formulated specifically for rubber roofs, this is a bio-degradable cleaner that effectively lifts packed on dirt and grime yet is gentle on the membrane. To use, decant to a spray bottle and apply, before brushing in with a soft bristle brush and rinse. Can be used on larger surface areas or as a quick, effective spot cleaner to keep your RV grime free when you’re on the go. For extra conditioning and protection against UV and the elements, use this RV rubber roof cleaner in conjunction with Dicor’s Protectant for a long-lasting result.