DMI Relax-A-Bac, Lumbar Cushion


Relax your back and spine all day long with the DMI RELAX-a-Bac lumbar cushion. We all have that chair we call our favourite. It may be our office chair, a seat at the dining table, or the one in our living room, but one thing is sure; that chair is our favourite chair. What better way to let your favorite chair become a unique healing vessel by attaching a relax-a-bac to it! With such a support pillow, you can quickly transform any chair in your home into a more ergonomically accurate seating solution, to help improve your overall posture and reduce your back and spine pains.

The DMI cushion does more than relieve pain. It improves your posture and prevents you from slouching. It comes with a confident backing from several chiropractors all over the world, due to its ability to help improve your alignment. This lumbar support pillow can be used in your home, office and even your car. It deals with injuries, arthritis, and posture effortlessly with its orthopaedic memory foam design. This foam design adapts to the natural arch of your spine, helping you reduce your slouching. For extra support, the DMI comes with a wooden lumbar support board.

Some of the features this lumbar cushion has been designed with include an alignment strap that helps keep your support cushion in place once it’s been attached to a chair, a washable cover which is also removable and a range of attractive colours to choose from.