Dometic Comfort Control RV Thermostat


The era of regularly designed thermostats is over, and the reign of the Dometic company is here. We present to you the Dometic Comfort Control Center. These are specially designed thermostats that work for particular heating systems. We recommend this control camper thermostat for all RV owners around the world, as well as all those who have a great desire to stay away and explore the world for extended periods. If you long for freedom and need to feel cold and warm while searching, this will be the ideal product for you.

The Dometic Comfort Control Center is user-friendly and makes use of digital and programmable operation.  It provides heating and cooling to your RV via its programmable system and control board. This unit supports night-time viewing, made possible with the unit’s large digital LCD screen and an added backlight. The best part about the operation of this thermostat is that you can set up heating and cool automatically, and then forget about it and undertake other tasks.