Dorman Auto Grade Lug Wrench


The penultimate tire wrench to make the list is this useful little tool from Dorman. We are back to the extending style of lug wrench, and this is certainly an effective, if somewhat simple, example of that design.

It collapses to 15” for easy storage and extends out to around 21” to provide extra leverage when tackling tougher lug nuts. It comes bundled with a pair of double-sided sockets of standard size. The double-sided sockets do keep down the space the tool occupies, although it’s a shame there is no free storage bag with this tool. The handle is nice and comfortable and deeply etched to provide a good grip. That is certainly useful when changing a tire at the roadside on a winter’s night.

All in all though it is a pretty simple design. There is, for example, no locking mechanism for the extending arm. That’s not exactly a deal breaker but it does mean this tool is not quite as easy to use as some other folding designs we’ve looked at on this list.