Dr. Martens Women’s Boots


Who says you cannot look good while biking? Meet the Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 Oxfords, boots made for the modern female biker. Designed like a pair of classic Oxford boots, these shoes are made from the very best leather in the world. Their imported design makes them very attractive and highly functional, which is why they come highly recommended by many riders. The construction of the women’s shoes from Dr. Martens features the brands iconic air-cushioned sole, known to deliver the best level of comfort for customers. For added stability, the shoes come with a synthetic sole system. Made from the best synthetic materials.

The upper and sole of the Dr. Martens oxfords are made with the famous Goodyear welt. The welt procedure involves the heat-sealing and sewing of both high and sole, using a z-welt stitch. The Goodyear welt is excellent for the durability of your boots, as it allows the shoes to withstand all types of pressure exerted. These 1460 womens black biker boots have become a trailblazer in the footwear industry, thanks to their iconic design. With its inspiration being from the 90’s there’s no surprise that these shoes are synonymous with grunge, punk and ska music. We are confident in the efficiency of these boots and can guarantee that your feet will benefit from their many features.