DRAW TITE 76028 Class 3 Trailer Hitch


We’ve spent a large chunk of this list describing the various features and design points that help to make CURT the maker of some of the best trailer hitch products on the market. Yet here a challenger emerges at the last moment. How exciting! 

Truth is, this is a very well-designed trailer hitch that actually borrows quite a few features from CURT. For example, the design is very important and here a computer-aided design has been employed to ensure the product’s bolt holes are as accurate as possible. This is a vehicle specific design, so if it fits your make and model you can be sure of an easy and effective installation.

We have double layers of protection too, including a black powder finish. This helps it to look great but also protects against – you guessed it – corrosion and rust. 4,500 GTW is not as high as you will find on CURT hitches, but it should still be sufficient for carrying a lot of different loads. All in all then a well designed and well built trailer hitch that can’t quite overtake the premium manufacturers – but comes very close.