Draw-Tite I-Stop Electronic Brake Control


Next up we have this device from Draw-Tite. It is a proportional trailer brake control, however it is a more basic model overall than many other proportional models. On the one hand, that’s definitely a good thing. On the other hand it is missing a few of the things you would expect on a premium model.

On the good side we have proportional braking that is a very good value for a more advanced braking system style. You also get the ability to control up to three braking axles, which should be enough for the majority of trailer sizes. It has a really nice snap-in mounting clip that makes it easy to remove the control box when you don’t need it and the plug and play installation is nice and simple.

On the negative side it’s just a little basic. For example, it will try to give you diagnostic information if it detects any errors with the braking system, but that information can be a little hard to read owing to the simple LED screen. It can also struggle a little when braking on loose surfaces like gravel. All in all though given the low price, it’s not a bad little device at all.