DualLiner Bed Liner


This brand has a reputation for having one of the best protective coatings on the market and there are several features that set this truck bed liner apart from the others. Firstly, it’s super versatile – you can use this product on virtually any surface and it will protect it from rust and damage. You can coat materials such as wood, metals and fibreglass but that list isn’t exhaustive!

The second feature that really made this product stand out was that it is a batch mix system which means you can mix as little or as much as you need. A tint is included with the mix but you can tint this coating any color you wish to match it with the material you are spraying or the color of your truck. This product can be used with any of Al’s Liner accessories which can allow you to get the exact same texture and finish of any other truck spray coating on the market. This is a professional-quality product at a very reasonable price.