DuPont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant


DuPont is here with its second appearance on the list. Just like the previous product, this is a high-end formula that includes Teflon in the mix.

Unlike the previous product, this is not a specific motorcycle lubricant. Fair warning, some people don’t like to spray a general-purpose lube on the chain of their bike and that is absolutely fine. Other people recognize the benefits of a multi-use lubricant. That’s because if you have a lot of applications for a lube (such as a motorcycle, lawnmower, mountain bike and garage door mechanisms – to name a few) then you can save a few bucks by picking up a product that works on all of them.

The other good news is that not only will this product work on all of those applications, it will do a fine job on all of them too. DuPont has a great reputation for making high-end lubricants. That’s true with this teflon-enhanced product that is designed to promote water protection, protect against corrosion and moisture and provide long-term lubrication.