Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner


The first thing that jumps out about this steam cleaner has to be its resemblance to a traditional, pull along vacuum cleaner. That is no accident, and has been done to mirror the mobility and stability of those types of vacuum cleaners. Again, it also means that a fairly big tank can be squeezed inside, this time of 1.5-liter capacity for up to 45 minutes of steam run time.

In addition, you get a nice 18 piece accessory kit that also includes a wallpaper stripper accessory, something that you don’t often see bundled with steam cleaners too often. It also boasts a very useful 16-foot power cord, and the company offers a very impressive 5 year warranty.

With a price tag of just a little over 100 bucks, this is a heavy duty car steam cleaner from the cheaper end of the price range, and it is a more basic model with, for example, a little less accurate control of steam volume.