ECCPP Towing Mirrors


These towing mirrors are quite exceptional in that they can be tilted at a 90-degree angle from their horizontal position, instantly turning them into tall caravan mirrors. The other good news is that they come with heating elements to keep frost at bay, giving you unobstructed view of your camper or trailer. There are several variants to choose from, depending on your truck or SUV model whether it comes with a manually operated mechanism or a fully automatic, power-driven system. The point is that you’ve got several options you can choose. Whichever you eventually pick, you’d still get the same dual mirror system that comes with a plane and convex glass. These caravan towing mirrors also look very neat on your vehicle.

The issue, though, is that if you don’t have the SUV or truck that is compatible with the ECCPP system you won’t be able to use it. Like most towing mirrors in this list the ECCPP is specific for certain models of the Dodge, GMC, and Chevy badge.