EFFICERE Best Choice 8 Piece Drill Bit Set


If you’re looking for a product that is built to last a long time and is suitable for drilling large holes into sheet metals, wood, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel and copper then you probably don’t need to look any further!

This 8 piece deming and silver drill bit set has been constructed from high-quality cobalt high speed steel, which means not only is it super strong, but it’s also fast and self-centering due to the 135 degree split point tip too.

What sets this product apart from the others is that the drill bits have been coated in a black nitride and gold titanium finish. The reason for this? This coating will hold lubricant better for a smoother drilling experience and is said to be 80% more durable and corrosion resistant than a regular finish with black enamel. Lastly, the final feature that we liked about this product was the sturdy aluminum case for ease of storage and carrying.