Ekarro Flashing LED Stop Sign


We finish up our list with his product from Ekarro. It is another from the school of contact equals flashing lights style of parking aids. Just as with the previous product of a similar design then, it is very easy to set up and install. Again, no screws or tape required, simply pop in the batteries and place it where you want the car to stop.

The base is weighted so it shouldn’t tip over with a gentle tap. The pole in the middle of the device is actually built of four interlocking sections, which allows you to customize the height. The height can, by the way, be up to 53 inches so you should be able to see the sign clearly even in a pick up.

Construction is nice and solid, and it’s great to see the manufactures have gone with LED lights here. Not only are they very bright – making the sign easier to see – they are also less power hungry than traditional bulbs. That in turn should help prolong the battery life of the product, as will the fact it uses a pair of LR44s rather than a single battery. Oh, you also only get one parking aid in the pack. That means this is less suitable for two car garages, but it does keep the price down. You can in fact expect a bit of change from a twenty for this well designed tool.