Emerson Rodgers Economy RV Heat Thermostat


White Rodgers is another outstanding company with a wide range of products geared towards making life simpler, more comfortable, and more satisfactory. They have launched some of the world’s best RV thermostats, which are used in homes, offices, and businesses without any problems. Their latest addition is the White Rodger 1C20-101 Thermostat; an incredible creation made for your RV heating system. It features a rugged snap-action feature and is suitable for use only on single-stage heat systems. It comes with a bimetal thermometer and adjustable heat anticipator, which work together with the units snap-action contacts.

We love this thermostat because it delivers a wide temperature of 50-90 degrees, which allows you to alternate between different heat levels for your utmost comfort. The thermostat features a mercury-free mechanical unit that delivers all your temperature needs. The White Rodgers thermostat is exceptionally affordable, and all RV owners and homeowners can purchase it.