Emerson RV Thermostat


If you require a heat only thermostat, then your best option will be to get your hands on the Emerson Non-Programmable thermostat. This is their 1E78-140 models, and it has been the talk of the market ever since its launch. This thermostat has so much to offer all customers, and each benefit can be found via the various features it possesses. We recommend this thermostat because it is designed to deliver heat pump, single residential stage, and multi-stage applications for better overall performance. This unit features an extensive LCD system, which greatly complements the added backlight for a more beautiful appearance.

The Emerson rv thermostat, with its non-programmable design, is a product considered as the perfect upgrade to preceding thermostat models designed and developed by the brand. With a specialized system meant for use on single-stage systems, this thermostat doesn’t need an extra wall plate to cover up all wall marks left behind by mechanical thermostats. Enjoy heat, warmth, and comfort like never before with this magnificent unit. The Emerson brand remains a leading manufacturer in the world of heating systems. They consider the use of affordable and high-quality resources to create the perfect groups for your homes, offices, and businesses. Say goodbye to products that fail to fulfill their functional promise and stick to the best brand available.