EPAuto 14” Heavy Duty Universal Lug Wrench


Regular Car Bibles readers – which we assume is all of you, right? – are used to seeing products from EPAuto show up on our lists. It makes simple but effective automotive tools, so you can pretty much expect what’s coming next.

This lug wrench, from EPAuto, is both simple and effective. We’ll give you a moment to come to terms with that revelation. All jokes aside, this is a very solid little tool, which is well made and extremely tough. It comes with the four standard socket sizes you expect, and it is also chrome plated for rust and corrosion protection. It also has a low price tag, so it’s very good value for the money.

Notice how we said it is a little tool? Well, we weren’t being cute. With an arm length of just 14” this is easily the smallest wrench – whether collapsible or a four-way lug wrench – to make the list. It is easy to store, whether in the garage or the trunk. On the other hand, it will be harder to generate the top levels of torque required to undo really tough lug nuts with this tool.