EPAUTO GPO75 Replacement Engine Air Filter


This is our second air filter product from EPAUTO. Just like the first product we took a look at, it is a very good quality filter with some interesting features. It should be noted though that this is a product with wider applications that the last EPAUTO product, and this filter can be used not only in a number of Toyota vehicles but also in some Lexus, Jeep and Dodge vehicles too.

The big stand out with this product is those lovely deep pleats. They are great to see in an air filter as they are going to provide lots of surface area to trap containments and provide a really top level of filter to the air passing into the engine. That in turn is going to have a positive impact on engine performance.

This is another product rocking up with a price tag of about 10 bucks, so it’s by no means going to melt your credit card. Instead it’s a carefully designed, well-built auto air filter.