Ergon GA2 Handlebar Grips


The mastermind of innovation for all outdoor equipment and gear, Ergon, has come back with yet another fabulous product from their collection. It is the Ergon GA2 Grip, and it is a superb creation. Featuring an inner construction of varying thickness, this mountain bike grip allows for greater damping than many of its competitors. It is estimated to weight up to 107g a pair and boasts of carbon bar friendly parts that don’t harm both the user and their environment. For more grip at the ends of your handlebars, the Ergon GA2 grip has been built with an inboard clamp, and this clamp performs double duties by also ensuring security during your biking sessions.

Every pair of Ergon Grips feature superb tactile surfaces made from UV stable rubber compound which is known to be incredibly soft. Besides their comfortable surface design, these grips do not make use of a secondary outboard clamp, a feature some bikers find incredibly uncomfortable. They have been designed to allow riders to feel free with their hands by permitting them to place their hands to the end of each bar. With such a design, your hands can rest on soft rubber instead of resting on metal.