Ergon GP1 Mountain Bike Grips


We introduce the Ergon GP1 Grip, our first product review and the best German produced pair of handlebar grips. Made for your daily commute, a ride into the mountains or your annual city tour, these bike grips speak the language of quality fluently. And are well suited for hybrids, tourers and the urban warriors. The target group of these grips doesn’t include dedicated road rats, and as such, this category of explorers finds it difficult adjusting to its design. That notwithstanding, the Ergon GP1 Grips are designed for your hand and nothing else. Their overall design ensures that your hands rest appropriately at the optimum angle for minimal nerve pressure and ultimate comfort.

The Ergon GP1 grips are made from a German-produced rubber compound for maximum durability and reliability. They look vastly different from regular bike grips and are a significant improvement from their design. These mountain bike grips are made from several types of environmentally friendly materials found in different parts of the world. For instance, the clamp of these grips is designed and manufactured from recyclable aluminum, with its cork made from materials found in Portugal’s sustainable forests. Its looks evoke mixed feelings from users mainly because of its retro and Avant-garde look. Unlike other models made to fit specific brands of bicycles, the Ergon Grips blends effortlessly with your flat bar, pared down or urban bike.