Esab SENTINEL A50 Welding Helmet


If you are looking to get some welding done and look good doing it then this is definitely a good option. With the Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, the world of welding is your oyster. The features this one is packed with are all in line with the mission of providing welders with protection like no other. All in all, it comes in a trendy design that features a reflective cover lens as well as a one of a kind shell design that looks exactly like the helmets found in the video game Halo.

It’s ADF ranges from shade 5-13, which puts it on a level of its own. Then in addition to this, it also has a TIG amperage rating which is well below 2 amps. Welders may be interested to know that it is fitted with an external grind mode button. This, in turn, makes it incredibly easy switch and even toggle from the weld to grind mode. For even more convenience, it comes with a control panel that is equipped with a backlit display which makes for easy reading even in the darkest conditions.