Escort Max 360 Radar Detector


Say hello to this shiny Mac-Daddy, the newest model brought to the market by industry leaders Escort. It takes everything from the popular Max line of detectors and brings it all together in one incredibly small package – just 1.76 ounces! The price however is not so small – this is in fact the most expensive item on the list.

Built in antennae arrays (forward and rear facing) provide 360-degree detection for the full bandwidth of Radar and Laser speed guns. Internal processing power has been boosted to the max for incredible fast decision making – this little beauty sifts though a wealth of data with amazing speed and accuracy to pinpoint threats for you quickly and efficiently.

The display is easy to read, with a lovely separate display of directional arrows to point you toward (or away!) from any lurking cops or speed cameras.

It really does do it all, and do it extremely well – but that price tag is eye watering. Still, if you want the best you have to be prepared to pay premium fees for it.