ESI 125 Digital Tach Advance Timing Light


ESI has introduced yet another timing light so effective, we couldn’t help but include it on our list! It’s the ESI 125 Digital Tech Advance Timing Light, and it’s the perfect companion for all car enthusiasts and mechanics. It has been specially developed from countless studies and the use of advanced technology, to undertake diagnostic functions together with the provision of precise tuning. The speed of your car’s engine is measured using the stroke tachometer, to a rate of up to 9999rpm, with brilliant xenon lights flashing at all speeds. The ESI 125 is ideal for all DIY and mechanics who need to check the timing on DIS, electronic, conventional and computer controlled systems found in both foreign and domestic ignition systems.

Use this timing light to improve tuning accuracy, improve your fuel mileage, as well as your engine performance. You can read the degrees advance and rotation per minute with ease via its bright display feature, and have a comfortable grip vis its textured non-slip grip, designed to make this timing light easy to use at all times by everyone. When it’s not in use, this timing light comes with a replaceable and detachable cable that can easily be stored. The removable nature of the wire also gives users the freedom to switch between wires from other brands or of different length, depending on the kind of tuning up experience they require. The accuracy, compactness, and functionality of the ESI 125 timing light is one that’s respected by many consumers worldwide.