ESI 130 Self – Powered Timing Light


The ESI 130 Self-Powered Timing Light  was developed for comfortable usage by DIYers, mechanics and car enthusiast to check ignition timingand is designed for use in 2 and 4-cycle engines. It features two D-cell original batteries that encourage a detailed view by producing super-bright light, even in broad daylight. This brand stands tall from others as it doesn’t require the need to connect to a 12V battery for power. Some of the applications this timing light works exceptionally on are racing industrial engines, marine engines, snowmobiles, and many others.

The ESI 130 self-powered timing light offers an accuracy of up to 14,000rpm, concerning its rotation per minute. At a high temperature of 100F, the ESI 130 timing light can withstand high temperatures via its protective sleeves, while its cable enables you to view the farthest end from your eyes by stretching to a maximum length of four feet. The cable also makes working in tight spaces extremely easy and quick.

Speed doesn’t affect the light intensity of the timing light in any way. Just like the Innova timing bright, the EISI 13 is suitable for both domestic and foreign ignition systems. A purchase comes with rechargeable batteries that ultimately cut down on your long-term investment into this piece of equipment. From bright lights to long cables and a broad compatibility range, the ESI 130 is one for the books!