ESI Chunky Mountain Bike Grips


From the camp of Schwinn, we move to the ESI Chunky MTB Grip, another spectacular model in today’s market. Are you tired of having pains in your hand and wrist after a ride? Or do your bicycle grips need a drastic transformation? No matter your response, the ESI Chunky is your only solution. This product is ideal for both dry and wet grip, is aesthetically appealing, doesn’t need any form of adhesion and of course, offers a level of comfort you can never refuse. These mtb grips are designed for regular bikes of different kinds of bikes.

The ESI Chunky grip is a silicone grip, although it may not feel like it after your first encounter. It is a solid unit with a smooth finish which offers users with a right-hand hold. As compared to other brands in the market now, these grips by ESI are heavy and sturdy to touch. Installing these grips becomes easy once you follow the directions given by the manufacturer. All parts of this unit have been created as durable individual parts that come together to make the grip indestructible. Longevity is assured by manufacturers of the ESI Chunky MTB and has been attested to by some users of the unit.