Etekcity Digital Meter Multimeter


When selecting a new multimeter, as with any other product, one of the important considerations is the price tag. After all, if we had unlimited money, we wouldn’t even bother to buy a multimeter. We’d just pay a guy to hang around and every now and then lick the car battery terminals – if his hair stood on the end, the voltage is probably ok.

Here in reality we have to test our cars, and we certainly do not suggest you lick you own battery. Instead, we suggest you buy a multimeter, but as we mentioned already, they have a price and that can price can be steep. If you buy a cheap model on the other hand, you may lose some functionality that is found on more premium versions.

That’s not the case here. This digital multimeter from Etekcity is not just staking a claim as perhaps the best automotive mulitmeter to make our list, it could also be the best budget multimeter too. For less than 30 bucks you get an auto ranging model that measures AC Current, AC & DC voltage, resistance and also provides diode and continuity tests. It also has very useful features such as a hold mode (freezes the screen so you can write down results) and an auto sleep that avoids draining the batteries.

Chock full of features, able to test everything you need and a price tag that won’t leave you weak at the knees – no wonder this is one of the most popular automotive digital multimeters on the market.