Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter


This is our second entry from Etekcity, and another strong contender for best budget multimeter. We should point out right from the start that this is a very budget model, and we’re not just talking price. Although with a tag of about 15 bucks, that is certainly worth highlighting as one of the selling points here.

But it’s also a pretty basic model with few of the bells and whistles you would expect to see on other, high-end models. There is no Auto Range feature for example. On the other hand, the sample range of 3 samples per second is actually pretty good, especially for a budget model. It is also easy to use, although the front display is a little crowded.

The screen is not crowded however, and presents information clearly and is backlit for better readability in dark environments – useful for then you are working in the guts of your car. The display is four digits, so it is not as accurate as more premium models.

This is a very simple design with a very attractive price.