Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier


The new and improved Eva-dry mini dehumidifier is here to protect all your valuables and clothes from the adverse effects of moisture rot and mildew/mould. It is a renewable dehumidifier that is durable enough to work for up to ten years and has been designed for optimum absorption of moisture from small enclosures with a maximum area of 1100 square feet. Aside from being a renewable, unit, the Eva-Dry Mini dehumidifier needs no power to operate. It begins to absorb moisture once it’s placed in a small enclosed space such as a closet. This unit works great without any power and requires no batteries or cords to be plugged in.

This dehumidifier features the use of moisture meter crystals, found within the indicator window. When dry, these crystals are orange but change to green when wet, a signal to users that the unit needs to be renewed. This unit can work continuously for 3-8 weeks, absorbing up to 10 ounces of moisture, depending on the humidity level of the enclosed space. All moisture adsorbed stands no risk of spillage or leakage as its absorbed by a crystallised silica gel that is safe, odourless and non-toxic. To renew your mini dehumidifier, move it from its designated space and plug it into a power outlet.