EVAPLUS Power Adapter


Unlike some brand-specific chargers, BestHot made this to work with every hoverboard on the market. There isn’t a single hoverboard that won’t work with this charger, and that’s something to be excited about. The entire piece is extremely lightweight, making it super simple to bring from A to B. If you’re heading out on a trip, it’s compact and takes up very little space. That’s partially because that cable isn’t all too long, and while we wish it were, it works out.

The only main issue with this is that while the indicator light is appreciated, it begins to fade and becomes difficult to see if any lights are on in the same room. This process takes about six months or so before it’ll get to this level. With the low power consumption and voltage surge protection features, it’s a solid choice that sits at the perfect price point. The overload shut-off will ensure that nothing bad happens, and you’ll be able to confidently charge your hoverboard without issue.