Evoc Bike Travel Case


The Evoc Bike Travel Bag has some amazing features. Enjoy the benefits of storing your bike in a functional, durable bag that doesn’t weigh too much. Compared to hard cases that may generously contribute to  overall weight, this bag is a lighter option. Reinforced with a monocoque base and aluminum slide rails that rest firmly on the ground, it fairs better under heavier loads. The Evoc bag has a balanced form that makes it easier to pull along using the aluminum handle that has a comfortable grip. The rotor’s safety is assured with protection in the wheel compartment and enough padding to cushion smaller and more fragile parts. Not much tool work is required as the bike fits with just the handlebar, wheels and pedals removed. It has a sturdy belt system that keeps all the parts securely in place throughout the journey. Overall, it’s a convenient option for practically all bikers.