Exploding Kittens Card Travel Game


This kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette isn’t for the faint hearted. Set the deck of cards face down and keep on drawing until someone draws the ‘Exploding Kitten’ card. This player will then EXPLODE (in a dramatic fashion, we hope!) and are then out of the game. Unless that player has a Defuse card – which will bring them back from the dead.

The various action cards – like ‘Thousand-year back hair’ and Portable Cheetah Butt’ to name a few – will keep players on their toes. But remember, the longer the game is in play, the greater the chance there is of drawing an exploding kitten. So, if you’ve got nerves of steel and would throw your family members into the path of an exploding kitten without even thinking, this one’s for you.