Fairview Camper LP Propane Regulator


With this auto-changeover propane regulator, you will be able to hook up propane tanks to your RV and ensure that you never run out of gas. It will automatically switch from the empty tank to the full one, and there is a handy indicator that tells you when a tank is becoming depleted. When you have fitted a new tank, you just flip the supply lever and it resets the indicator. Then you can remove and replace the empty tank so that it can be refilled. It has been set at the standard low pressure for propane which is 11″ Water Column.

The regulator has an overall height of 6 ¼ inches and is both durable and easy to use. You can use it instead of any existing automatic changeover regulator and it can be used on all models of RV as well as travel trailers and pop up campers. The wheel mounting screws are not included, but you do get two 15 inch ACME inverted flare pigtails.