Federal Evoluzion ST-1 Performance Radial Tire


Out of all tires under the Federal camp, the Federal Evolution ST Radial tire is their flagship performance tire, which is popular amongst many vehicle owners because of its ability to withstand constant pressure and load. A team of professionals who happen to be vehicle lovers have designed these tires after thorough research and countless hours of experimentation, to ensure that customers receive the safest model of the tire ever to be created. These tires make a statement on every car they’re attached to; thus, they’re recommended by several car users from across the globe. Like many Federal tires, this car tire comes alone without any wheel upon your purchase. It features a speed rating of W and a tread depth of 10/32nds and have been designed to withstand wet, dry and winter conditions, and this is made possible via the careful placement of the tires biting edges.

Besides the advantages, these car tires feature the latest UHP system meant to deliver the best driving experience when attached to your luxury or sports cars and the traction offered by these tires is exceptional, just as its steering inputs. Another feature is that it delivers the best on-center feel for a higher performance via linear grooves found on its surface so you can say goodbye to water from roads when you make use of them.