Federal Formoza FD2 All-Season Tire


Another tire from Federal is the Federal Formoza FD2 Tire. This is another one of their best designed all-season tires, made for use in all weather and on varying terrains. A single purchase offers the tires without any wheels – these tires are rated H, which is regarded as a very high rating concerning safety and performance. The Federal Formoza tire is the best model for all luxury tires and economy sedans because it possesses many innovative design features that enhance performance and also deliver the best level of comfort. Tire experts consider it as the next generation touring tire and one of the most affordable tires in the Federal camp. 

What’s more, the Federal Formoza tires feature a tread depth of 10/32nds, which is high for most tires. They deliver a comfortable and smooth ride at all times, thanks to the use of DPET this refers to the Disorder Pitch Evolution Theory which is the company’s most recent technology for reduction of road noise during operations. The DPET works by reducing both noise and harmonics created by the rotating tire; this, in turn, allows your tires to turn quietly in a similar way that several expensive brands do. Furthermore, comfort from the Formoza tires is delivered with help from its new 3-i1 groove design which is unique and works out great with all vehicle types. You can use these tires in the snow without any issues.