Federal SS-595 All-Season Radial Tire


Manufacturers and customers once identified the Federal 595 Radial Tires as the Federal UHP. The former ss595 car tire was a hugely successful UHP tire, but it has undergone some amount of repositioning and renaming, as a form of branding. The 595 features some slight technical changes which go a long way to facilitate comfort during your riding sessions, no matter the type of terrain you tread. These changes suit their new purposes for the tire and the 595 car tire is an all-season tire that is put together to suit the abuse of drifting competitions. It offers all users with immense value and excellence in operation.

Additionally, the Federal ss595 radial tires are designed by the Federal team to display the best performance as the best grippy tires with excellent driving properties. With this tire, you may not be able to go 50k miles, but you will have a tire with outstanding performance for an amicable price. The Federal 595 tires are also top-rated in the Federal brand’s line-up because of functionality, reliability, and strength. They feature an aggressive v-shaped tread, which is a distinguishing characteristic included by manufacturers. It was created to deliver excellent traction, via its innovative silica compound which also helps the tires to handle dry and wet pavements with ease.