Fieldpiece SVG3 Digital Vacuum Gauge with Alarm


Proudly made right here in the USA, Fieldpiece’s Digital Vacuum Gauge works exactly as it should. The easy-to-read display makes the evacuation process easy due to the display reading ‘OL’ until the vacuum level drops below 10,000 microns. Plus, accompanied with the rate indicator, alarm, and timer, it’s as handy as having another worker on the job with you when assessing the vacuum level in an A/C system.

With a respectable 0-999-micron range to operate within, Fieldpiece takes SVG3’s durability seriously and have kitted it out with a rugged rubberized case and a hook that allows the gauge to be inserted at any angle. And if you’re confused about any part of the process, the user manual will keep you on the right track. No matter the situation, Fieldpiece always deliver – and their Vacuum Gauge isn’t an exception to the rule.