FineGood Car Glasses Holder


The FineGood 2 Pack Glasses Holder is great for professionals who need more than one or two glasses for various reasons. For an efficient and quick change, this 2-pack sunglass organizer ensures are all glasses and sunglasses are securely in place and easily detached when needed. One clip has the capacity to firmly hold in two glasses on both ends. They easily attach to the sun visors in the car, a good distance from where they can disrupt the driver’s view.

The clips also rotate up to 180 degrees, allowing a good amount of adjustability. This means the unit can be placed either horizontally or vertically, depending on what suits the driver. For a two-pack system, it’s quite affordable. Made with high-quality carbon fiber material, these clips hold their ground and are less susceptible to slipping from their position when the roads get rough. Thanks to the flast, smooth design, it does no harm to the sun visor either, so install it without concerns about marks or tears.