Fit System 80710 Snap-on Black Towing Mirrors for Dodge RAM


The 3891 Deluxe of Fit System may come in handy for any brand and make of vehicle, but if you’ve got a Dodge Ram you’d definitely want to get your hands on its 80710 model. These mirror extensions are designed specifically for certain make and year models of the Dodge Ram carrying the 1500, 2500, and 3500 badge so you can expect its design to seamlessly flow from your original equipment. Like other products from the company, there are no drilling or extensive installations required as the device can be easily snapped onto place.

There’s one minor flaw, however. The tab on the lower edge of the 80710 has the tendency to get in contact with your vehicle’s body if it so happens that your side mirrors are foldable and their housing are quite near to the body of the car. On the positive side, it’s designed to meld exceptionally well with the aesthetics of your OEM.