Fit System Deluxe Universal Towing Mirrors


Folks who simply don’t like performing the task of removing their existing side mirrors and installing towing mirrors will definitely love these universal towing mirrors from Fit System. It’s got one of the largest viewing areas you can ever put alongside your OEM component. There is no need to drill holes, unfasten screws, and those sorts of things as the 3891 Deluxe can be easily clipped onto your existing mirror and then secured by a ratchet lock mechanism.

Adding to the security of the mounting are two straps that are rubber-padded so they won’t scratch your mirror and its casing. While having the straps on the mirror can be quite distracting to some drivers, you won’t actually be using your standard mirror since the 3891 Deluxe caravan mirrors effectively takes its place. You can still use the OEM mirror, though, so you’ve got two full mirrors serving you.