Flame King RV Cooktop Stove


The EcoZoom Versa Camping Stove is made for your next adventure! This is one of the most portable cooking appliances on the market today. It is made with the most rugged and sturdy metals, to ensure that it withstands any pressure and force exerted with regular usage. The ultimate camping stove from EcoZoom is as energy efficient as it is long-lasting. It makes use of resources such as solid biomass, wood, and charcoal for operations; thus, you can make use of it wherever you decide to set camp. This RV oven delivers an increased fuel efficiency is its fully insulated combustion chamber, which decreases harmful emissions by forcing all gases to mix with the flames. Such operation ensures that you don’t get smoke in your face every time you cook.

The EcoZoom stove stays wherever it is placed due to its proper design. There’s no risk of tripping which reduces the risk of an accident. We also love that after usage, you can clean the system quickly for proper maintenance. Make outdoor cooking an option and experience the joys of camping. The EcoZoom camping stove is here to keep you satisfied even when a disaster strikes. It saves the environment and doesn’t cost as much as the other models in the market.