Flame King RV Propane Regulator


Here’s a versatile and useful regulator for controlling the propane gas supply in your RV that is rated for 30,000 BTU. This model will connect to two propane gas tanks. There is a useful auto-changeover system that will switch from a tank that has run out of gas to the second reserve tank without disruption in your supply. The empty cylinder can be switched for a full one, and the regulator will switch back to it when the reserve tank runs out. You can replace empty cylinders without disrupting the supply.

It comes with an indicator that changes color when a tank needs to be refilled. You can use it on any RV that has dual propane tanks. The inlets for the regulator are 1/4″ SAE inverted flare and there are two 12-inch pigtail hoses that will connect to two propane tanks. The outlet is a 3/8″ National Pipe Thread female connector pipe thread. Thanks to the double stage design, this regulator will maintain a constant gas pressure even when the demand changes.