Flaming River FR1001 Single Wire Timing Light


Like a mechanic or a regular car enthusiast, you’re on the lookout for a timing light without all the hassle of another power source. We present to you the Flaming River Single Wire Timing light, the only self-powered timing light on our list crafted by countless professionals to work without support from an auxiliary power source. It is highly functional, long-lasting and excellent automotive equipment to own. This single and vital feature makes this entity suitable for use with rear battery mount race cars, marine, motorcycles, go-karts, mags, and other spark ignition systems. This has all been wonderfully designed for single-wire hassle-free timing. The xenon bulb identified with this timing light is an excellent feature that doubles as a convenient work light while generating a bright timing strobe.

The Flaming River timing light elements a state-of-the-art, single-wire design, and operates entirely on two D cell batteries that can be recharged. It provides an accurate timing of up to 14,000rpm and provides easy visibility even during broad daylight. Also included in each package is a removable inductive pick-up that enables easy hooking onto your ignition system. It is designed professionally for DIY fans and mechanics who are continually dealing with setting the ignition timing of automobiles. This means that the FR1001 from Flaming River is a tool which is of great importance to people who own mechanic shops as it will enable you to set the ignition timing on various appliances including vehicles reliably and with ease. The FR1001 should meet all your timing needs if you’re on the hunt for the best timing light.